The Bella Voice Choir

Earlier in the show we told you all about Abingdon’s Community Christmas. Again, it is coming up December 9th, and as promised, we have a li…


Serendipity Has Great Holiday Deals

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Those three days mean, yes, the holiday shopping season is upon us. Sarah Jane Hull…


Unwrap The Season

Community Christmas is a 21 year tradition in the town of Abingdon. This years celebration, called, Unwrap the Season, will take place at th…


CrestPoint Health

The clock is ticking! This is the last week of of the Annual Election Period. Now is the time for all Medicare beneficiaries to sign up or s…


Help For The Holidays

We know how difficult the holidays can be for many of our area families. The income for gifts and extras just isn’t there. For some, it’s no…


Handmade Bowls And Heartfelt Song

A five year holiday tradition has something new this year, something to warm you up and fill you up, too!… Theresa Hammons is here with the …


Medical Lasers

Amy is at a new place with Dr. Rogers, who has a partnership with Dr. Billie Minton of Medication Management Skin, Laser, and Medical Spa, w…


Being Safe In The Woods

We have been through bow and muzzleloader season for deer, and this past Saturday, .gun season got underway in the Volunteer State. Matthew …


Making Money In A Bear Market

Reports are out that we are in the beginning cycle of a bear market. Making money during this downturn can be difficult. Davis Garrison the …


The Hope Project

This week, we have certainly felt the chill, knowing it’s only going to get worse as winter sets in. A local organization is doing all they …


Festive Holiday Ideas

Food City Friday Chef, Julie Voudrie is in the kitchen today with some great ideas for holiday leftovers and festive drinks. Visit Food City…


Tears For My Father

Tom Fugate has written many books, most of them fiction, but his book about his father’s battle with alzheimer’s is all too real. He joins u…

winter fishing

Gone Fishin’-Winter Angling

Chris is back on Cherokee Lake with Bassmaster Elite Pro Angler, David Mullins, who has a few tips for winter angling.


Insanity At The Wellness Center

As we get closer to the holidays, it’s easy to eat more and work out less. Now is a great time to commit and vow to get through it with powe…


Bagging Around The TriCities

Amy and Chris talk about the fun the had bagging groceries for the United Way at different Food City stores around the TriCities.

fire prevention

Holiday Fire Prevention

Nothing can ruin the holidays quicker than a fire in your home. With a little common sense and planning, you can avoid most of the mistakes …