Looking For A New Home!

It is a busy time in the real estate world, with so many houses on the market.  Debbie Merritt with Remaxx Checkmate is here to show us a fe…


Save Your Memories At Bays Media

Bays Media can help you convert it and keep it. They’ve been in business for more than 70 years, helping make your memories last a lifetime.…


Isaacs Pools and Spas Tent Sale

Amy is at Isaacs Pools and Spas to talk with Steve Bales about their upcoming tent sales that starts this Friday. For more, visit their webs…


3rd Annual Honoring Our Heroes Dinner

It is an opportunity to honor our local heroes, those men and women who have served our country, or served our community. The Boys & Girls C…


Senior Skip Day

Seniors will have a whole day to refresh, recharge, and most importantly, skip out on their daily routines, and it will all be for free.


Caring For Alzheimer’s

Every 67 seconds, someone in the United States develops Alzheimer’s disease. It can not be prevented and it can not be slowed. When someone …


Food From Southern Spain

We have a real treat in the kitchen this morning! Our intern, Ines Galiano Torres is showing us how to cook some of her favorite dishes from…


Discover Alaska

There is just nothing like a visit to Alaska! It’s a bucket list trip, a must see, must do experience. When you go, you want to be sure you …


Easy Way to Repay Personal Debts

Have you ever lent a friend or family member money without getting it back? A new study shows the average person is owed $450, and many of u…

apple festival

The 38th Annual Apple Festival

Unicoi County Chamber of Commerce President Elect Colleen Cox joins us to talk about this weekend’s Unicoi County Apple Festival.

whistle stop apple fritters

Live from Whistle Stop Deli & Catering

We took the show on the road to the Whistle Stop Deli & Catering in Unicoi to partake in some in Wanda’s delicious food and to kick off the …

kathy cruise

World’s Largest Cruise Event

Kathy Kennedy, Your Cruise and Land Expert, talks about October being the World’s Largest Cruise Event.  For more information, give Kathy a …

battle at bristol

Battle at Bristol Onsite Ticket Sales

Jerry Caldwell, general manager of the Bristol Motor Speedway, talks about the one-day-only onsite ticket sales to the Battle at Bristol col…


Apple Pie Ala Raw

We’re in the kitchen this morning with Raw Chef Jane, who always puts together something lovely.


5th Annual Vision Fellowship Event

Kristyn and Keith Getty are known for writing and performing internationally known christian songs, and soon you will be able to hear their …