Festival Of Tables

The Third Annual Festival of Tables, is hosted by the Salvation Army Women’s Auxillary.



We are here at Renovus Medical Day Spa with Dr. Don Clemons. This morning, he has exciting news for people that suffer from urinary incontin…


Battle Of The Badges

Two local eagle scout candidates are joining with the Abingdon Police and Fire Departments, the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, and …


Stanley’s Produce

John and Tracy from Stanley’s Produce are here to tell us about their fresh fruits and vegetables that are coming in, as well as a recipe fo…


Get Out On Boone Lake!

Amy is at Boone Lake Maria with Deavon Walker to show that Boone Lake is still a great lake to have fun on.


Toby and Thaddeus

Amy and Chris talk about producer Toby’s baby, Thaddeus.


Hayden Garber Encore

Here to perform an original song called, Gasoline, is Hayden Garber.


Boone Lake Garden

Amy visits the home of her friend, Polly Wiley, who is using the low lake levels on Boone Lake in a very interesting way. To Grow a garden!