Clouds, fog and yes, more rain on the way! What about Christmas Day?

Monday, December 18, 2018 –

Good Evening.  Temperatures were relatively mild this afternoon despite the clouds, fog and patchy drizzle.

This satellite imagery from NOAA shows you moisture streaming into the southeast from Texas and Mexico.  This moisture originated in the Pacific.

Temperatures will stay mild through the end of this week.

We keep the chance of showers with the warmer temperatures.

Warm air aloft came in over the cooler air near the ground today and that resulted in clouds and fog through the early afternoon.  We keep the clouds, some fog and yes, some patchy drizzle in the forecast through the overnight.

8 PM – Clouds, fog and patchy drizzle.

Midnight Tonight – Cloudy skies with temperatures in the upper 30’s and low 40’s.

8 AM Tuesday – We start the day with variable cloudy skies and patchy fog.

Noon Tuesday – Look for a mix of sun and clouds across the area with temperatures in the 40’s and low to middle 50’s depending on your elevation.

5 PM Tuesday – We keep variable cloudy skies in the forecast with temperatures generally in the 40’s.

Look for another surge of moisture coming into the area Tuesday night late.

8 AM Wednesday – Clouds and rain are back in the region.  It looks like the heavy rain will be just to our south.

7 PM Wednesday – We keep the chance of rain with mostly cloudy skies across the area.

Notice how the heavy rain stays just to our south.

2 PM Thursday – The rain moves out, but we keep cloudy skies across the region.

7:30 AM Friday – The southwest wind flow aloft continues which will bring the next weather maker with rain back to the Tennessee Valley.  Look for rain Friday afternoon into Friday night.

Those wanting the cold air just might have to wait until right after Christmas Day.  This is a look at our upper air chart for Monday morning.  We are still relatively mild with some cold air just off to our northwest.  I do want to point out that there have been many talking about snow on day and rain the next for the Christmas Holiday.  It is still way to early to tell what exactly will have since the models seem to change each day on the long rain forecast.  Here is a brief look at the GFS weather model.  It hints at some cold air moving south right after Christmas.

This a look at the upper air map – 500 MB Chart – 18,000 feet for Monday.  Notice the cold air moving into the area.  This could bring some snow to the region on Monday, but it is still a little early in the forecast period.  If the cold air gets here in time, it could be a possibility.

Tuesday morning will give way to some cold air across the Tennessee Valley.

Wednesday morning – December 27, High pressure will build in with cool temperatures, the coldest air retreats to the north.  This forecast has changed on a daily basis and will continue to change through the week,  Stay tuned.

We keep the mild air through Friday and Saturday with rain and clouds again on Friday and Saturday.

Have a great night!

Mark Reynolds

Chief Meteorologist

News Channel 11

Office:  423-434-4540



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