Snow potential for parts of the deep south Friday! We keep clouds and some mountain flurries.

Thursday, December 7, 2017 –

Good Evening.  So many people are talking about the possibility of snow across the deep south for tomorrow; therefore, I thought I would start my blog this evening with a look at the forecast for the deep south Friday.

First I want to show you the latest satellite imagery from NOAA. Notice the amount of moisture across the southeast.  Cold air pushing south will allow for some of the rain to change to snow as upper level winds push the moisture in from the south and west.

Take a look at this map from NOAA for early Friday morning.  Notice the blues and the purple across the deep south.  There will be areas of snow and also some wintry mix and rain through the southeast.

These maps give you an idea of just where the snow might fall across the southeast on Friday and just how much snow could be possible.  Keep in mind that road temperatures will be warmer, but snow could accumulate on grassy surfaces.

First I want to show you all the advisories that are up for the deep south on Friday.

A Freeze and Frost will be possible across the deep south.

4:30 AM Friday – Abundant moisture will be available across the southeast with cold air in place. Look at the blue showing up on the map.  The blue represents areas of light snow.

6:15 AM Friday – Light snow will be possible across parts of Georgia southwest to Louisiana.

8 AM Friday – Look at the light snow falling across the southeast.

10 AM Friday – Some of the dark blue on the map represents some locally heavy snowfall.  Keep in mind that rain will fall to the south of this region with a mix just south of the blue areas.

So how much snow could fall across the deep south on Friday?  Take a look.

We have another surge of cold air heading south this weekend.

Sunshine warmed us up a little bit this afternoon.

We will keep variable cloudy skies in the area tonight and tomorrow with a chance of snow flurries in the mountains on Friday.

7 AM Friday – Notice that there will be more clouds and scattered mountains flurries east of the Tri-Cities.  Look for more sunshine to the west.

Noon Friday – The Tri-Cities should see sunshine while the mountains continue with clouds and possible snow flurries.

5 PM Friday – Partly cloudy skies will dominate the Tri-Cities areas while the mountains still keep cloud cover.

Temperatures stay cold this weekend, but we will see a brief warm up on Monday ahead of our next weather maker.

The next weather maker will bring another surge of cold air and mountain snow showers late Saturday into Saturday night.

8 AM Saturday – The next weather maker will move into our area from the north and northwest.

5 PM Saturday – Snow showers will break out to our north and west.

9 PM Saturday – Snow showers will prevail across the higher elevations.

2 AM Sunday – Light snow will continue to fall across the mountain locations.


Here is a look at the potential snowfall for our mountain locations late Saturday into the early morning hours of Sunday.

We will dry out Sunday and Monday with slight warmer temperatures..

Have a great night!

Mark Reynolds

Chief Meteorologist

News Channel 11

Office:  423-434-4540



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