Clear and cold tonight – Mild Wednesday – Signs of Cold air next week.

November 28, 017 –

Good Evening.  Temperatures were mild again today!

We will keep the mild temperatures through the weekend.

We could see a few scattered showers late Thursday.

The current jet stream will keep the mild weather in the area this week.

This satellite imagery from NOAA clearly shows a cold front off to our west-northwest.  You can tell that by all the clouds from the Great Lakes to Oklahoma.  This front will move into our region late Thursday with scattered showers.

Here is a look at the forecast for the area tonight and Wednesday.

8 PM Tonight – Clear skies and chilly temperatures.

7 AM Wednesday – We start the morning with sunshine and frosty conditions.

Noon Wednesday – Sunny and mild.  Beautiful!

5 PM Wednesday – We end the day with sunshine and mild temperatures.

We will watch the cold front move into the area on Thursday which will bring scattered showers to the are late Thursday.

6 AM Thursday – Clouds increase across the region

Noon Thursday – Skies will be cloudy with temperatures in the middle and upper 50’s.

6 PM Thursday – The cold front moves across the region with just a few scattered showers.

7 AM Friday – The front is off to our southeast, but we maintain clouds in the area.  We can’t rule out a few morning scattered showers.

Noon Friday – Partly cloudy skies prevail with slightly cooler temperatures.

7 PM Friday – Fair skies and chilly temperatures are forecast for the region.  Notice the clouds to our west.

7 AM Wednesday – Those clouds to our west will roll into the area through the morning.  We could see a few scattered showers through the afternoon.

Enjoy the mild temperatures.  Forecast models still hint at some cold air coming south late next week.

Here is the 500 MB chart  – 18,000 feet – for Monday.  Notice the high pressure across the southeast.  This keeps us mild not only Monday, but into Tuesday as well.

Take a look at the upper air pattern for Tuesday of next week.  This is the 500MB chart – 18,000 feet.  Look at the cold air moving south towards the Great Lakes and New England.  You are looking at the GFS weather model.  This is the weather pattern change that I have been speaking about since late last week.

Friday, December 8th – The cold air plunges south into the Great Lakes.

We will see just how far south the cold air makes it.

For the time being, temperatures will stay mild.  The only rain chance we have will be scattered showers Thursday into early Friday morning and then some spotty showers on Friday.

Have a great night!

Mark Reynolds

Chief Meteorologist

News Channel 11

Office:  423-434-4540



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