Temperatures stay mild this week. Where is the cold air?

Monday, November 27, 2017 –

Good afternoon.  We certainly have been fortunate to keep the relatively mild air.  This week will be no exception.

We will finally have a chance of seeing some scattered showers on Thursday into early Friday.

This satellite image from NOAA really tells the story.  The active weather stays out west while a ridge of high pressure dominated much of the center part of the country with record highs and plenty of sunshine.

This is a look at the current Jet Stream.  The mild air stays in place across the central and southern plains and parts of the southeast.

When you look at the upper air weather pattern, 500 MB Chart, (18,000 feet up), you can see the ridge of high pressure and how the cold air is trapped to our north.

With this pattern in place, we will stay mild through Thursday.  Yes, the low across the plains will slide into the region Thursday and bring a chance of scattered showers to the area.

8 PM Tonight – Clear skies are forecast for the area with chilly temperatures.

8 AM Tuesday – We start the morning with sunny skies with temperatures in the upper 20’s.

Noon Tuesday – Sunny skies and mild temperatures are in the forecast.

6 Pm Tuesday – We keep fair skies in the forecast.

8 PM Tuesday – Clear skies remain in the evening forecast with chilly overnight low temperatures.

8 AM Wednesday – We keep fair skies with a chilly start to the day.

4 PM Wednesday – Skies will be sunny with temperatures in the upper 50’s and lower 60’s.

9 PM Wednesday – Clear skies are forecast early with an increase in clouds overnight.

7 AM Thursday – Clouds will stream into the region through the morning in advance of a cold front.

4 PM Thursday – The cold front to our west will bring clouds and scattered showers to the area.

8 AM Friday – We could see a few scattered showers early followed by afternoon sunshine.

So where is the cold air and when will this weather pattern change.

As I showed you earlier, This is the upper-level chart at 500 MB or about 18,000 feet of Tuesday.  Notice all the blue on the map into Canada back to Alaska.  That is where all the cold air is.

Well. . . All good things must come to an end and our weather pattern is about to change towards the 5th of December.  Take a look at this upper-level 500 MB chart for December Tuesday 5th.  The high pressure ridge in the east begins to break down and move east while a strong ridge of high pressure will build across the west.  This will allow for a shift in the jet stream.

Here is a look at the 500 MB chart for Thursday, December 7th.  Notice the cold air heading south as a ridge of high pressure builds in the west which allows the jet stream to take a dip and bring colder air to the southeast.

Stay tuned as this is still days away, but it does appear that we will see a weather pattern change coming soon!

Have a great night!

Mark Reynolds

Chief Meteorologist

News Channel 11

Office:  423-434-4540

Email:  mreynolds@wjhl.com





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