Showers and thunderstorms possible late tonight into early Tuesday – Cooler Temperatures


Monday, November 6, 2017 –

Cloudy skies prevailed across the area today thanks to a stalled front.  Tonight we will watch a cluster of showers and thunderstorms move across Tennessee.  You can see the cluster of showers and storms on this visible satellite imagery and radar imagery from College of DuPage.  This first image shows the storms clouds and some of the higher clouds tops with the storms across Missouri and western Kentucky.

You can see the cluster of showers and storms moving through Missouri, northeast Arkansas and into western Kentucky.

The front is stalled across the Tennessee Valley which keeps clouds in place across our region.  This satellite imagery is from NOAA.

These showers and storms could bring some gusty winds and heavy rains to west and middle Tennessee tonight.

As the complex of showers and storms move east, they should weaken.  We could see a few thunderstorms in the morning.

I want to show you the wind profile for tomorrow morning.  Keep in mind that we could see what we call a little vorticity.  This is just spin and lift n the atmosphere which could produce a few thunderstorms in the morning.  This map shows the wind direction at the surface, 5,000 ft and then at 18,000 ft.  You can see the disturbance that moves over the area in the morning.  Again, this will be enough lift to create a few thunderstorms.

I had highlighted the area for you with the red circle.  Although it is weak, it could produce some storms.

We stay relatively mild for the next few days.

So let’s take a look at the Storm Team 11 Forecast maps.  Our in-house weather model does a great job of forecasting the complex of storms moving into our area overnight into early tomorrow.

8 PM Tonight – Mostly cloudy skies will prevail with a few spotty showers.

Midnight Tonight – Cloudy skies with showers just off to our west.

4 AM Tuesday – Showers and possible thunderstorms move into the region from the west,

8 AM Tuesday – Keep the umbrella handy.  Clouds, showers and possible thunderstorms are in the forecast.

10 AM Tuesday – Mostly cloudy with scattered showers.

Noon Tuesday – Skies will be cloudy with scattered showers possible.

5 PM Tuesday – Clouds and showers remain in the forecast as the front stays stalled across the area.

7 PM Tuesday – Mostly cloudy skies remain in the area with a few scattered showers.

6 AM Wednesday – You see the stalled front just to our south.  We will keep a chance of showers early in the day.

Noon Wednesday – We hold onto the clouds and a slight chance of a shower.

2 AM Thursday – Skies clear with slightly cooler temperatures.

5 PM Thursday – Sunny skies will prevail with temperatures in the low to middle 50’s.

We stay relatively mild this week with more showers late in the weekend and into early Monday.

Have a great night!

Mark Reynolds

Chief Meteorologist

News Channel 11

Office:  423-434-4540





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