Are you ready for a “Spring-Like” weekend?


Thursday, November 2, 2017 –

Good evening.  What a beautiful day we has across the mountain empire!  Take a look at the climate data for the Tri-Cities Airport.

Here the the good news, temperatures stay mild into early next week.

Our jet stream pattern continues to be that of a west to east pattern which keeps bringing the warm air and the scattered showers.

Look at the jet stream pattern for the weekend.

You can see the clouds increasing across the Tennessee as we maintain that strong south and southwesterly air flow.

Take a look at these upper air weather maps from NOAA..  The map below is what we call the 300 MB upper air chat.  This shows you where the jet stream is which today is north of our area.  The blue shows you where the strongest winds are in association with the jet stream.   Basically this shows you that we maintain a west to east pattern in the way storm systems move across the country.  You don’t really see any deep deep in the jet stream which would indicate cold air.  By the way, you see a lot of what we call wind barbs.  There are wind barbs over north Texas.  Those indicate that the winds were from the west at 50 Knots.  Tampa also had a 50 Knot wind at time the data was taken.  This map was valid for This morning.  Winds were over 100 Knots in Wyoming.  Naturally that is is association with the jet stream.  The jet stream is like a current of air similar to a river which carries all weather systems across the country and around the globe.  We launch balloons twice a day and sometimes more to get this upper air data.

Here is a look at the 850 MB upper air chat.  This shows you what is happening at about 5,000 ft.  Notice that we have low pressure across the plains to Oklahoma.  The wind flow is strong from the southwest to the northeast ahead of a front which is why we are so mild and why we continue to see clouds increasing across the region.  Here is a little lesson on meteorology.  You see a lot of wind barbs. (They look like this  _//), that tells us the wind speed and direction.  Take that wind barb over Charlotte.  The wind is from the southwest at 20 knots.  The wind barb over Dallas is southwest winds at 30 Knots.  Again, this is 5,000 feet up in the atmosphere.

Look for a few scattered showers overnight into early tomorrow with a chance of a few storms by afternoon.

8 PM Tonight – Clouds increase across the region.

Midnight Tonight – We become mostly cloudy.

6 Am Friday – Mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers.

9 AM – Mostly cloudy skies are forecast for the area with scattered showers.

Noon Friday – Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms will be possible with mild temperatures.

3 PM Friday – Don’t be surprised to hear some rumbles of thunder.

6 PM Friday – Scattered showers continue across the region.

The front that stalls over our area late Friday into Saturday will lift back tot he north as a warm front late Saturday into Sunday.

Saturday 7 AM – we keep scattered showers into the morning and early afternoon Saturday as the front retreats back to the north as a warm front.

You still see the scattered showers through the early afternoon Saturday.

Saturday 6 PM – The front lifts to our north through the early evening taking the chance of rain with it.

Sunday 1 PM – Beautiful weather will prevail with temperatures in the middle 70’s.  There could be a few 80 degree temperatures.

That warm front will also create some snow across the northern plains Friday.

Here are some of the possible snowfall totals.

Take a look at this beautiful photo of the sunrise this morning.,

Enjoy the weekend warmth!  We will cool down next week with a better chance of rain.

Have a great night!

Mark Reynolds

Chief Meteorologist

News Channel 11

Office:  423-434-4540


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