High Winds forecast for Thursday – Much cooler Friday and Saturday

Wednesday, May 3, 2017 –

God evening.  We are currently watch an area of low pressure approaching our area from the west tonight.  This low pressure will bring strong winds to the area on Thursday then bring much cooler air to the region Friday and Saturday.

Take a look at this water vapor imagery from NOAA tonight.  You can clearly see the low pressure system spinning counter-clockwise across the central plains.  the air flow ahead of this system is from the southwest which will increase our rain chances late Thursday into Friday and Saturday.

Here is the current 300 MB upper-level map. This is where the jet stream is located.  Notice the large trof of low pressure across the middle Mississippi Valley.  This is the system that will move over our area over the next few days.  Upper-Level winds at 30,000 feet are over 100 Knots across eastern Oklahoma and northwest Arkansas.

The winds in our area will pick up through the night.  Take a look at the Storm Team Forecast Maps.  Watch the blue arrows, the longer the arrow, the stronger the winds.

High Wind Warnings and Wind Advisories have been posted for Thursday.

5 AM Thursday – Winds begin to increase as do the clouds.

Noon Thursday – Winds will be strong from the southeast.  We will see some breaks in the clouds thanks to down sloping winds.  Winds blow from the southeast to the northwest and as they come down the mountains in east Tennessee they have a tendency to dry the atmosphere – thus, the breaks in the overcast.

5 PM Thursday – The mountains stay windy and we start to see rain moving into the area.

Our next weather maker will be low pressure which will slowly move across the area late Thursday into Sunday.  Take a look at the maps.

8 PM Thursday – Low pressure will bring showers to the region with gusty winds.

Midnight Thursday Night – Clouds, wind and rain will be possible.

8 AM Friday – Cooler air will move into the area with the upper level low just off to our west.

The upper-level low pressure system will move over our area.  This could bring a few storms and small hail to the region.

Midnight Friday night – Cloudy and cool with rain likely.

1 PM Saturday – We stay cool with variable cloudy skies and a chance of showers.

10 PM Saturday – Showers will be possible with chilly air.  There could be some snow showers across the highest elevations.

Take a look at the potential rainfall totals.

Get ready for a cool down!

Here is a look at the Storm Team 7-Day Forecast.  There could be a few snow flurries across the higher elevations on Saturday.

Have a great Thursday!

Mark Reynolds

Chief Meteorologist

News Channel 11

Office:  423-434-4540

Email:  mreynolds@wjhl.com




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