UPDATE: Investigation ongoing after ‘homemade explosive device’ detonated in Gray

GRAY, T.N. (WJHL)- The Washington County Sheriff’s Office has released new details in the case of a homemade explosive found in a mobile home in Gray, Tenn. Friday night.

News Channel 11’s Caroline Corrigan was at the scene Friday night with the Johnson City Bomb Squad.

The x-ray found gun powder was inside the device and that’s what lead the bomb squad to destroy what they are now calling a “homemade explosive.”

Ricky Yunter said he couldn’t sleep Friday night after the device was found just feet away from his home.

“It was kinda shocking to me,” Yunter said. “You never know who is living around you.”

Lt. Eddie Graybeal of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office said the explosive was found just after 4 p.m. on Friday. The device was found inside a mobile home on Captains Lane by a maintenance worker who was cleaning inside.

Several agencies responded to a homemade explosive device found inside a home in Gray, Tenn. Friday night.

“There was actually a device when we got on scene,” Graybeal said. ” I looked at it and it was a metal can that had a fuse out of the top of it and possibly had either black powder or smokeless gun powder that had been put in it.”

That discovery led to a major response from local police including the Johnson City Explosive Ordinance Division. After about four hours, the bomb squad detonated the homemade explosive device and gave the all clear to neighbors.

“As of right now I don’t see any other dangers with this house, with this homemade explosive, it looks like we took care of i,” Graybeal said.

If someone is found responsible for making the homemade explosive we’re told by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office they could face charges of manufacturing a prohibited weapon and reckless endangerment.

As of Saturday, it’s still an open and active investigation.

If you had any information you are asked to call the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at 423-788-1414.

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