Sullivan County to consider contracting firm to survey county buildings for ADA compliances

SULLIVAN COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – There’s a push underway in Sullivan County to make sure every county building is accessible to everyone.

County leaders will consider spending thousands of dollars to see which of their buildings are ADA compliant, and which ones may need some changes.

“We’re contracting with a local firm to do a review of county buildings and public buildings that the county uses, and they’ll come back and make a report to us,” Sullivan County mayor Richard Venable said.

A resolution on Tuesday’s county commission agenda asks the county leaders to consider spending up to about $40,000 to do so.

The changes could possibly entail, “ramps access, eliminating stairways as the only entry… having curbs for wheel chair access,” the mayor said.

It’s everything ranging from entrance design to something as simple as swapping out a door knob.

The mayor says he doesn’t know how much it’ll cost to bring the buildings up to compliance or what changes could be necessary, until that survey is done. But when we asked him if he anticipated having to make a lot of changes, he didn’t think the county would need to.

“These are critical services that people have to have that they don’t have a choice in, so we have to make it available to them in any reasonable way that we can,” Venable said.

The Sullivan County commission will consider the resolution to contract with a local firm to assess all county buildings at their upcoming meeting – next Tuesday morning.

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