Johnson City leaders embark on $100,000 branding effort

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – City leaders in Johnson City are expected to spend thousands of dollars on a major scale branding effort for the city. Commissioners have been meeting with the firm tasked with working on developing the best plan for Johnson City.

The current logo has represented Johnson City for more than 40 years and now city leaders are looking to change not just this image but for the first time ever launch a major branding effort. People in the community about this new plan that overall would cost the city nearly $100,000.

“If you are going to invest in something you may as well do it right, so if that is what it takes go for but I think that is fine,” Jeremiah Toney said.
Micheal Kings told News Channel 11, “I think there are better ways to spend our money if you are looking to revamp the city.
The current city logo was developed in the 1970’s, city leaders are hopeful that the new branding will help attract new business.”
“As we sell ourselves outside Northeast Tennessee some people think it is silly. Some people think it doesn’t matter, but when you look at logos or identifies as they are placed next to other places, sometimes the first impression is hard to overcome,” Mayor David Tomita said.
Johnson City Mayor David Tomita spoke with us after he had a meeting with representatives from North Star Destination Strategies, that is the firm hired to work on the city’s branding plan. He says he’s hopeful this spirited effort will launch Johnson City further into the 21st century.
“If we look old and outdated and stauchy that could be the first impression that somebody gets and we may not even get a shot at something,” Tomita said.
City leaders say they will be looking to the public for input on branding efforts. The $100,000 investment is expected to pay for education, research and development of the brand for Johnson City. Branding efforts are expected to be complete before the summer of this year.
The new branding will be part of efforts to kick of the city’s 150th Anniversary in 2019.

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