Volunteer Parkway shooter had more than 400 rounds of ammo

BRISTOL, TN (WJHL) – Despite firing multiple shots at passing cars on the Volunteer Parkway in Bristol in July 2016, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agents still found more than 400 additional rounds of ammunition in Lakeem Scott’s backpack after they eventually disarmed him, according to the official crime scene report.

For the first time since Scott pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and seven counts of attempted murder, we’re getting to review his case file. While Scott is serving a life sentence, the deadline to appeal his convictions has passed, which allowed the district attorney to release the records at our request.

TBI records show not only did Scott have a pistol and rifle on him on the morning of the shooting, it shows he had more than 400 rounds of ammunition in his backpack, including rounds with hollow points.

The shots he did fire struck and killed newspaper carrier Jennifer Rooney. Her autopsy revealed she died from a gunshot wound to the back of her head. In addition to killing the mother and wife, Scott injured several other people, including a police officer.

When Scott pleaded guilty roughly a year ago, he said he was prepared to hurt even more officers, telling agents he could’ve ambushed police, but opted against it when he saw one of the officers was black. Investigators said they believed Scott even called 9-1-1 in an effort to set up an ambush. In his statement, he told police his motivation for opening fire that morning was what he considered racial injustice by law enforcement.

In addition to guns, TBI agents found brass knuckles, a tactical military style vest, a bayonet and two pairs of handcuffs. Police also found additional guns and ammo in his apartment, according to TBI records.

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