East TN father traveled to Trump rally in hopes of guardrail recall

Nashville, TN (WJHL)  — An East Tennessee father was in the crowd when President Trump spoke in Nashville Monday, on a mission to get the President’s attention, he said.

Hannah Eimers (source: Eimers family)

Stephen Eimers of Lenoir City, Tennessee, lost his 17-year old daughter in a car crash more than a year ago.  Hannah Eimers’ car hit an interstate guardrail which impaled her car, killing her.

After at least three other deaths involving the X-Lite guardrail terminal, the State of Tennessee ordered the terminal to be removed from all roads.

Eimers says he won’t stop until there’s a national recall.

And last week, Eimers paid for a billboard across the street from United States Congresswoman Diane Black’s middle Tennessee office.  The sign asked Rep. Black to tell President Trump about the X-Lite terminals during his visit to Nashville.

Eimers paid for a billboard near a U.S. Congresswoman’s middle Tennessee office in hopes she would talk to President Trump about a guardrail terminal during his Nashville visit. (Source: Facebook)


He also posted a video on Facebook in which he read a letter he hoped to give the President today.

WATCH the Facebook video HERE.

“You speak of making America great again. Mr. President.  40,200 people died on America’s highways in 2016,” Eimers said.  “One was our Hannah. How will we achieve greatness if your nation essentially tolerates a 9/11 on our roads every 24 days.”

Eimers posted on Facebook that he got close to the stage where the President spoke and gave the letter to Senator Bob Corker who was traveling with the President.

“40,200 people died on our nation’s roads,” Eimers read in the Facebook video.  “Mr. President, what do you believe would be an acceptable number. A second question – Mr. President – are you prepared to contribute any of your children to that number?”

Lindsay Corporation which makes the X-Lite terminal has said the product isn’t defective and has met federal safety requirements.

No word yet if Eimers was able to speak to the President.

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