While some retreat from the cold weather, it’s busy time for others

KINGSPORT, T.N. (WJHL)- With the frigid temperatures, many people are planning on just staying home this weekend, out of the cold.

However, as the temperatures drop some businesses see an increase in customers.

The City of Kingsport has many working around the clock this weekend, pre-treating the roads to prevent icing. Kingsport Streets and Sanitation Manager Ronnie Hammonds said he will have his team working around the clock over the weekend to make sure the roads don’t freeze over.

“There has been seven consecutive days where the temperature has not gone above freezing, so the asphalt is really cold right now,” Hammonds said.

The roads are sprayed with a liquid containing water, salt and calcium chloride, to help treat the roads.

“Anything that hits the ground Sunday night could very well freeze and we want to work very hard to prevent that,”  Hammonds said.

While most are hunked down at home this weekend, the sanitation department aren’t the only ones busy.

Jason Jackson of Marco’s Pizza said winter nights are busy nights for deliveries.

“With the cold weather that really has an effect, people are staying home, they don’t want to get out in this cold,” Jackson said.

Which is why the phones in Marco’s were ringing off the hook Friday night.

Judging by the forecast, the people who work outside in the winter weather will appreciate the clear roads.

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