Australian family experiences snow for first time during storm in Rhode Island

Warwick, R.I. (WPRI) — After days of cancellations, things are once again running smoothly at T.F. Green airport.

Eyewitness News spoke to several travelers who arrived at the airport after days of delays.

“I did just breakdown and cry in the bathroom,” said Narragansett resident Jenna Guitar.

She faced delays in Texas, Florida, and Maryland after spending the holidays with family in New Mexico.

“Where it was 70 degrees and we were wearing short sleeves for Christmas, and now I’m in this,” said Guitar.

She was far from the only one who faced storm-related travel delays.

“I’m pretty exhausted right now,” said Justina Arroyo, of Coventry, who had to spend Thursday night in a Baltimore airport terminal.

“I got delayed yesterday, two flights got cancelled, and then my second flight got cancelled last night so I had to sleep at BWI over the night,” said Arroyo. “That was pretty rough.”

While Arroyo and Guitar are happy to be home… one family from Australia is sad to be leaving.

“I”m really disappointed we didn’t get to see Providence,” said Kylie Hanley, from Melbourne, Australia.

Henley and her family are touring the United States for two months. She and her family caught the last train from Boston to Providence Thursday, but didn’t get to explore Rhode Island due to the snowstorm.

“We were stuck in our room,” said Hanley.

Hanley said it’s 100 degrees in Australia right now, and this was her first time seeing snow.

“For me I’ve never experienced snow, literally walking across the street and having it up to nearly your knee in snow, it’s a bit scary,” said Hanley. “But we wanted to experience what it was like in winter in America.”

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