Protected CCSO file raises new questions about former deputy’s behavior

CARTER COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – While the Carter County Sheriff’s Office continues to withhold a former deputy’s disciplinary file, citing possible criminal charges, we’ve obtained the records independently.

Not only do the records include explicit pictures and Facebook messages, they also include more possible evidence against Corbin Lipscomb.

The file shows on the same day Lipscomb went into CCSO’s records management system and changed a woman’s failure to appear warrant to show she didn’t live at the address anymore, he messaged her and told her he planned on stopping by her house.

“Hey I’m about to swing by your house to try that warrant so I can mark you down as no longer living there so when you say{sic} the cop car it’s me,” the January 2017 message said.

“Omg I love you,” the woman responded according to the message.

During a subcommittee hearing of the Tennessee Peace Officers Standards Training Commission in August Lipscomb admitted he had an improper relationship with the woman, but said he changed her warrant because he legitimately didn’t think she lived there.

“I was under the information that she no longer resided at that house,” he said.

Lipscomb later admitted on another day he again saw her at the same address, knew she had an outstanding warrant and still did not arrest her.

“One day I did see her,” he said. “It’s probably the worst decision of my life that I’ve made up to his point by not putting her under arrest, because she was not 100% coherent.”

CCSO fired Lipscomb in March after the woman filed a complaint against him. CCSO is also requesting the POST Commission take his law enforcement certification. The POST Commission meets again on January 19, but it’s unclear if the group will hear Lipscomb’s case.

When we showed CCSO Chief Deputy James Parrish portions of the file we obtained last month, the chief first accused us of possessing stolen property and then suggested we may not have the entire file. We’ve since reached out to Capt. Rocky Croy. The now retired supervisor led the internal investigation into Lipscomb, according to Chief Parrish. Croy reviewed the records and said the file we have “appears to be” the full file.

 For roughly six months, CCSO has refused to release the full details of Lipscomb’s investigative file, first telling us investigators inadvertently placed sensitive text messages in the file and then later saying the situation may end up becoming a criminal matter.

Lipscomb sent us a letter last month in which he apologized for his “defacement of the thin blue line.”

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