Flu cases continue to rise as new year approaches

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Flu season has spoiled the holidays for many people around the Tri-Cities and with New Year’s weekend coming up, there are more opportunities for sickness to spread.

The week before Christmas, flu cases at Mountain States Health Alliance tripled.

MSHA Corporate Director of Infection Prevention Jamie Swift said it is best if people with the flu resist the urge to go out and celebrate the new year with other people.

“There’s a lot of flu circulating so the best thing people can do to prevent the spread is to stay home,” Swift said. “I know that’s hard on holiday weekends and celebrations but really if you’re sick or you’ve been sick you really need to stay home.”

Swift said she does not know if numbers will start getting better soon or if they will continue to increase as the return to school approaches.

“We really don’t know if we’re going to continue to peak for several weeks,” Swift said. “There have been seasons that we’ve went up then we’ve went down, then we went up again so if you’ve not had your flu shot, certainly go get one.”

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