Kingsport schools begin contract negotiations with Greeneville schools’ leader for superintendent job

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL) – The search for Kingsport City School’s next superintendent took a big step forward Monday.

The Board of Education decided who they want to fill the open position, unanimously choosing to start contract negotiations for the job with Dr. Jeffrey Moorhouse, the current Director of Schools in Greeneville.

“This is a huge step because we have looked at six candidates who came to us through our consultant, and of those six we felt that Dr. Moorhouse was the best fit,” said Susan Lodal, Board President.

A man, who like his predecessor Dr. Lyle Ailshie, comes from Greeneville City Schools.

Dr. Moorhouse said that community will be hard to leave behind, but it’s a time full of memories and insight he’ll carry with him to Kingsport.

“This opportunity is the chance to lead a larger school district and a bigger impact on the lives of more teachers and students,” said Moorhouse.

The job, he tells us, actually wasn’t on his radar until a KCS consultant approached him about the opening.

His salary also has not yet been determined, but former superintendent Ailshie started at $159,000.

“When we have a contract ready for the board to vote on, then the board will vote up or down, whether they will accept that, and if they accept we will move forward and Dr. Moorhouse will become our next superintendent,” Lodal said.

“I just want to be able to carry forward the vision of the board, get to know the people, and the motto that I have used in Greeneville that I would want to be known for is limitless learning. That we [must] strive to remove barriers that hold kids back and help them to reach their full possibilities,” Moorhouse said.

If Dr. Moorhouse’s contract is approved and he signs it, he could start as Kingsport City School’s next superintendent by the end of March in 2018.

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