Union’s James Mitchell named TV-11 football Player of the year

JOHNSON CITY)  Twelve players separated themselves on the field this season with big performances that lead their team to victory. Those twelve took the stage on Thursday night at our Player of the year banquet. Only one could leave with the player of the year award. after standing out himself with performances in all three phases of the game.

“James Mitchell, you are our player of the year.”
“Great seeing all these guys, some of the top players in this area all get together. it’s an honor to win it because there’s some great athletes up here with me, so it’s definitely an honor to win it.”

The award comes on the eve of the biggest decision in Mitchell’s life, signing with either Virginia Tech, Duke or Georgia on Friday and despite our best efforts

“So if you want to tell us, just go ahead.”

“No comment.”

“Even though i know, definitely a little bit of nerves. but that’s natural and i’m glad to finally let all my coaches know. all the support’s been great all four years of my career there. so it’s really special for me to have them there to witness that with me.”

Greeneville’s Cade Ballard went home with some hardware for the second year in a row, winning the majority of the nearly 15,000 fan votes for the fan favorite of the year award.

“Community, that speaks for itself. two years in a row, can’t thank everyone in Greeneville enough for voting and it’s a really cool experience. Greeneville high school’s got a big trophy case, we’ve got to keep putting trophies in it.”

Reporting at the Millennium center, Kane O’Neill, News Channel 11 sports.”

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