Fix on the way for crumbed Sullivan County road

SULLIVAN COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – A fix is on the way for a crumbled Sullivan County road that’s been closed for almost six months now.

At the end of June, a landslide caused a portion of Old Fordtown Road to collapse.

The highway department shut down the road and says it’s still too dangerous to drive on.

Sullivan County Highway Commissioner Jim Belgeri says engineers have now developed their scope of work.

“The scope of work means we’re going to go out and do this and this to investigate the slide,” Belgeri said.

That gives them the basis for designing a repair for the road.

“The design may consist of a wall, it may consist of some sort of a soil reinforcement plan. That’s what is the next step in the process is putting that together and CSX will evaluate that,” Belgeri said.

That’s because the road falls on CSX right of way.

Belgeri says he’s hopeful to get completed design plans to CSX by the end of February, with the goal of re-opening Old Fordtown Road by early summer 2018.

The Highway Commissioner expects the solution to cost six figures, money he plans to come from the highway department fund balance.
Design work, he estimates, won’t cost more than $50,000.

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