Three Label employees receive donation to cover costs of towed cars

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Three employees of a downtown Johnson City restaurant are saying “Thank You” after each received $100 to cover most of the cost of getting back their towed cars.

“Someone brought us $100 apiece yesterday to Label in an envelope,” Mary Reams said.

As we reported Monday, three Label employees paid more than $100 apiece to get their cars back after wreckers towed their cars while they bartended and waited tables on the night of Johnson City’s Christmas tree lighting. All three said they didn’t see any signs warning they couldn’t park on Buffalo Street that night.

The Johnson City Development Authority told us the agency did more than required to warn the public ahead of time through the use of, among other things, paper and official city signs.

While the mayor called for the creation of a task force to address signage and the city’s downtown event towing policy, fellow Commissioners Ralph Van Brocklin and Todd Fowler each offered up money to help cover some of the women’s expenses.

All three women said they were surprised last night when someone dropped off money at the restaurant for them to split.

“We are going to write a thank you letter to the donors,” Becca Kinsler said. “We were so thrilled!”

“I am just happy that the lack of public notification for this event was brought to attention, regardless of getting any funds back or not,” Lyndsy Roberts said. “That really was just such a great bonus!”

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