ETSU Head Football Coach Carl Torbush to retire

JOHNSON CITY, TN- Carl Torbush didn’t inherit much when he accepted the head coaching job at ETSU in 2013.

“When he accepted the job as our head football coach we had one football,” said ETSU President Dr. Brian Noland. “And it was one that Dr. Sander and I tossed around.”

For Torbush, that was more than enough to convince him to come out of retirement.

“My wife, who used to be a plumber, electrician and a janitor, decided that I needed to have all those jobs,” said Torbush. “And all of a sudden, I’m not getting paid to do those jobs. So I felt like when coach (Phillip) Fulmer called that was kind of a godsend.”

Torbush built the program from the ground up. After winning two games in his first season, the Bucs would win nine games over the next two years. Those victories were highlighted by a win at Bristol Motor Speedway and defeating a ranked Samford team to end the 2016 season.

“We started with absolutely nothing,” said ETSU quarterback Austin Herink. “It’s tough to recruit people here that have a tremendous amount of talent when you don’t have a stadium, don’t have any uniforms, you haven’t played a game. For him to win with the talent he’s had and the group of guys we’ve had, it’s been really impressive.”

Carl will be remembered for his humor, lighting up any room he walked into.

“I hate to admit it but I’m 66 years old. If I was here 5 more years, I can count pretty good, that’s 72 right (wink),” said Torbush as the crowd gathered for the press conference laughed. “That’s ETSU math.”

Torbush’s time started at ETSU with just a single football. He leaves his post with a new stadium, die-hard fans and a program on the rise.

“ETSU is better because Carl Torbush is a Buc,” said ETSU Athletic Director Scott Carter. “The head football coach at ETSU is a highly desired position because of what Carl has made it.”

“From the first time I came here, to where we are right now, if you hadn’t been here for the last four or five years to see what’s happened to make this program what it is, you have missed a great story,” said Torbush.






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