Sensabaugh announces plans to run for Sullivan Co. mayor; wants to be ‘voice for the people’

SULLIVAN COUNTY, TN (WJHL) – Former NFL player and former head football coach of David Crockett High School, Gerald Sensabaugh, is speaking for the first time on-camera since he announced his plans to run for Mayor of Sullivan County.

“A lot of people just keep reaching out to me to share concerns and they were just expressing a lot of things to me and really all I was doing the whole time was being a voice for the people,” Sensabaugh said.

Sensabaugh said he will not be your average candidate.

He said he wants to use this platform to make a positive change, especially in the local school systems.

He has been in the spotlight for the past few months, criticizing Washington County, Tennessee school administrators and the conditions of the schools.

He was most recently put on administrative leave as head football coach for David Crockett High School after allegations of misconduct that are still under investigation.

He said he’s never had any experience in politics and his professional background isn’t that of your average mayor.

“I was just a football player for the most part. Dabbled into some professional fishing for a little bit. But just a normal guy, just retired,” he said.

News Channel 11 asked Administrator of Elections for Sullivan County, Jason Booher if Sensabaugh is qualified to run for mayor.

“That is yet to be determined,” Booher said.

He said to run for mayor, you must be at least 25 years of age and a resident of the county for a year prior to the election.

What’s in question is how long Sensabaugh has lived in the county.

“He registered to vote in Sullivan County in November. And typically that’s what we go to to see, because when you do register to vote you’re affirming under penalty of perjury that everything on the application is true and correct,” Booher explained.

Sensabaugh says he’s not going to go about this election in a traditional way. He doesn’t plan to do a lot of advertising or bashing other candidates.

He said he just has one goal.

“I’m not really focused on winning. I’m just more focused on bringing awareness and really trying to get a true voice out there for the people and that’s my only goal,” he said.

A ballot certification meeting will take place in the coming months to determine which candidates are qualified to run for mayor.

The election is next August.

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