East Tennessee zoo releases list of animals killed in zoo fire

CLINTON, TN (WATE) – The Little Ponderosa Zoo released a list of the animals killed in the devastating fire that ripped through a barn on Monday.

The animals killed in the fire include:

African genets
All reptiles, including iguanas and tortoises
18 birds, including parrots and Macaws
2 Arctic foxes
2 Fennec foxes
4 macaque monkeys – Nicky, George, Priscilla and Mikey
2 marmoset monkeys – Chewey and Bella
African serval
Coatimundi – Teddy Bear (17 years old)
2 porcupines
Sugar gliders
Guinea pigs
Pet rats and mice
3 pet fish
3 goats
4 sheep
2 chickens

The fire was reported just after noon Monday. The zoo’s manager said employees were working in the barn when the fire broke out. Zoo workers were able to rescue some of the animals to safety. In one instance, workers carried a camel out of the barn through the flames.

The animals that survived are being treated for their injuries, including smoke inhalation.

The zoo, located in Clinton, is a nonprofit zoo and rescue facility for exotic animals. According to their Facebook page, they have rescued animals from across the United States.

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