Holiday Hot Tea

Nita Thompson Joins us in the kitchen to show us a a very easy yet delicious drink recipe.

Milo’s Holiday Hot Tea 


6 Cups Milo’s Sweet Tea

6 Cups Milo’s Peach Tea

2/ 12oz can frozen limeade juice concentrate

1 orange sliced thin

12 Cloves Whole

4 Cinnamon Sticks

1 tsp Vanilla

1 Cup Fresh Cranberries

1 Cup Ginger-ale



Combine all of the ingredients in a large crockpot and stir.

Optional: For easier serving, place the cloves into a tea ball or a double layer of coffee filters and close with the kitchen twine.

Heat on high for 30 minutes and reduce to low for another 2 hours; or heat on low for 2 hours then let warm overnight.


Optional Serving Garnish:

Dip the rim of the mug or cup into pineapple juice.

Then dip into sugar in the raw.

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