Law allows registered sex offender to live next to Knox County school

Dustin Dotson (Source: Tennessee Department of Corrections)

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) – In Tennessee, sex offenders can’t live within a thousand feet of schools, day cares or parks. But, there’s a legal loophole allowing a registered offender to reside within walking distance of a Knox County School.

Dustin Dotson, a former custodian at Inskip Elementary, was arrested in June 2016 for soliciting explicit photographs of underage girls.

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Then, on Tuesday, students at the elementary school brought home a letter from the school.

“A former custodian of Inskip Elementary School, Dustin Dotson, has been released from incarceration and is now a registered offender living in close proximity to our school,” reads the letter. “Our security, our staff and after school staff are aware of this situation and will continue to practice precautionary safety measures to keep all of our students safe.

State Probation and Parole officials say if an offender lives at an address prior to the event leading to his arrest, he is allowed to continue living there.

Dotson worked at Inskip Elementary as a custodian since July 21, 2015. He was fired shortly after his first arrest and banned from any Knox County school property.

Dotson’s home, in the 4400 block of High School Road, is only 463 feet from the school.

Dotson was sentenced to one year of split confinement and five years probation in April. He’s since been released under supervision.

This is the letter the school sent home to parents on Tuesday.

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