Kids in Johnson City help deliver 1,000 pumpkin pies ahead of Thanksgiving holiday

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL)- It was a busy Wednesday at Rise Up! in Johnson City as kids and volunteers handed out 1,000 pumpkin pies.

The reason? ‘simply just because’ —that’s according to Rise Up! Director Michael Marion, “It’s an act of love, just to give someone a pumpkin pie because we thing everyone ought to have their own pumpkin pie.”

Marion said it’s a project they started five years ago, with just 12 pies.

“…give it to people just to see what kind of reaction it would be and it was just amazing, so I thought it we could do 12, we could do 1,000,” Marion said.

We tagged along Wednesday as the kids sprinted from door to door handing out pies.

Each pie box was hand decorated with messages like ‘Enjoy your pie’ and ‘Happy Thanksgiving’.

“I told the kids today, that this is my favorite day of the year because you get to bless a thousand people unexpectedly, and nothing return except for that reaction,” Marion said.


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