Girl traveling to hug police officers in all 50 states

HOUSTON (KXAN/KPRC) — By the time she’s done, 7-year-old Rosalyn Baldwin will have traveled to all 50 states. More importantly — she’ll also have spread cheer and appreciation to police departments across the country.

“God sent me on this mission of love,” Baldwin told KPRC.

Baldwin checked off her halfway mark in at the Houston Police Academy Monday. Everywhere she goes, she visits police officers and gives them hugs. She got the idea to visit officers across the country shortly after five Dallas police officers were killed last year in an attack.

On Monday, she even gave Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo a hug. He said her visit is like recharging officers’ batteries.

“You know we love you?” the former Austin police chief said.

“Yeah,” Baldwin replied.

Baldwin and her mother are traveling to Dallas next, before heading to the other 25 states.

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