Former coal miners heading to class to learn computer coding

(CBS) – West Virginia was once part of America’s thriving coal country, but as the industry shrinks so does the number of jobs.

Instead of being discouraged, one non-profit group is working to build a “New Appalachia” with a new industry, coding. Amanda Laucher knew she had to do something when her little brother lost work as a coal miner.

She founded “Mined Minds”, a free training program that teaches former miners how to design and develop websites, apps, games, and other internet tools.

Laucher says it’s a natural transition for miners to use their skills in an unconventional way.

Modern coal mining requires using technology and robotics. But is coding the answer states like West Virginia have been waiting for?

Weijia visits the company to get a better understanding of how workers are transitioning from coal to coding. She also sits down with Senator Joe Manchin, the state’s former governor.

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