Eye on Crime: Public weighs in on possibility of traffic cameras being used as crime fighting tool

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – In our special report Eye on Crime, News Channel 11 revealed the Johnson City police department is exploring the use of the  city’s traffic cameras to catch criminals. Now, people living in Johnson City are speaking out.

Some in the community like Austin Rhudy are skeptical.

“I think its okay in the purposes of solving crimes like stolen vehicles and property…don’t like it so much for just its general invasion of privacy when you are out on public land but they can also see what you are doing in your car too,” Rhudy said.

Theresa Lee supports the cameras being used to solve crimes. She lives in Erwin but comes to Johnson City often. She says having these extra set of eyes are comforting.

“Anything that can make us safer and anything that can potentially keep us from more crime or anything that is pretty interesting,” Lee said.

More than 40 traffic cameras are strategically placed throughout Johnson City, the whole purpose is to monitor traffic flow. Johnson City leaders say the project costs $4 million dollars.

Nearly a year ago Johnson City police tested the cameras as a crime fighting tools recording and catching a theft stealing an excavator from the old General Mills building.

While police are not actively using the traffic cameras to solve crimes, Theresa Lee is looking forward to the added security.

“Even though the eyes are on you there are also eyes on the bad guys, I think that makes me feel safe,” Lee said.

Johnson City Police have yet to announce whether or not they will try and get the funding from city leaders.

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