Educator of the Week: Lori Haynes

This week’s Educator of the week began her career in her home state of Texas more than two decades ago.

Her family travels landed her in Johnson City and dedication to the youngest of elementary school students make her this week’s Educator of the week.

Lori Haynes says her heart is with young people. That’s why she’s enjoyed a 23-year career in education with most of it being with Pre-K students.

She’s held that role at Woodland Elementary since 2012.

She says her favorites part about teaching these young students is because they are in her words “little sponges” and they love to learn new things

Haynes was nominated by someone who says she teaches and interacts with the children in a way that puts a “permanent smile on my face”.

Haynes explains how the biggest challenge involves taking children that come in at different levels of education and fully prepare them for Kindergarten.

“A lot of what I’m doing in Pre-K, now, is what I did kindergarten in early 2000’s. They are expected to know those letters and know the sounds. That, to me, is my job to give them the tools they need when they walk into Kindergarten they say I know my letters, I know what sounds those make,” said Haynes.

Congratulations to Lori Haynes. This week’s Educator of the Week.

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