Hampton’s Adam Townsend set to headline ACB 74 in Austria

JOHNSON CITY, TN- The unique campaign of Adam Townsend continues in Austria next weekend, as Townsend will headline the main event at ACB 74 against Arbi Agujev.

Townsend heads into the match as an underdog, despite winning his last ACB fight in Russia by submission.

The Hampton native has been using the purses from these fights to finance his run for Register of Deeds in Carter County, with his hopes of completely stepping out of the cage around February.

“I go to these other countries and interviewers and everybody else will be asking me about my campaign and how stuff like that is going,” said Townsend. “So it’s really weird that a lot of people know about this campaign. I think it’s got a lot of publicity.”

Townsend wasn’t sure people would support a fighter when he began, but realized it is what has made him an intriguing candidate.

“I really wanted to get away from the whole fighting stigma,” said Townsend. “Then everyone I talked to was like, ‘no, that’s what you need to push for and push for,’ and it was really weird because I didn’t think people would want to back that, but they do. My community, especially Hampton, has been so great, supporting me, and all of Carter County. Even Johnson City does a great job of backing me.”

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