Bear spotted in Gray neighborhood Saturday

Courtesy: Pierce Browning

GRAY, TN (WJHL)- Pierce Browning said he reached for his phone to capture video Saturday, after he spotted an unexpected guest roaming around around his yard.

Browning, who lives in Gray in a neighborhood near Free Hill Rd., said he was inside his home Saturday afternoon when the bear was spotted in the front yard.

He said his family watched from inside as the bear roamed around for about an hour.

Courtesy: Pierce Browning

Browning said he has lived in Gray for more than a decade, and has never seen anything like this.

“Freaked out, I mean it was a good 250 lb black bear, and I yelled and screamed at it as cars went past it, it didn’t even get phased,” Browning said.

Our reporter, Caroline Corrigan, said as she was entering the neighborhood for the interview she spotted a bear about a block away from where Browning first saw the bear Saturday afternoon.

We spoke to a TWRA wildlife officer over the phone Saturday evening who told us because it’s been warmer so far this season, it is not uncommon to see bears roaming around our region.

If you see a bear, TWRA officers remind you not to approach it.

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