Abingdon police discover two people in mobile home’s underpinning

Pictured: Kandust M. Garrett, Harvey R. Reynolds

ABINGDON, VA (WJHL)- Friday evening Abingdon Police said they discovered two people in the underpinning of a mobile home while responding to a breaking and entering call.

Officers were called to a home on Norfolk Street just before 9p.m. Friday.

When officers went inside the home, they discovered one room was barricaded at both entrances.

Members of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Unit and Tactical Team were also called to the scene.

Once the K-9 team was on scene, officers believe the suspects heard them, and that’s when they began to see movement in the underpinning of the mobile home.

Officers were able to remove the underpinning, discovering 21-year-old Kandust M. Garrett, and 20-year-old Harvey R. Reynolds, both of Abingdon.

Garrett and Reynolds were transported to the Southwest Virginia Regional Jail and now face charges of obstruction of justice and common law trespassing.

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