ETSU Police report: white nationalist flyers discovered on campus Tuesday morning

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL)- An East Tennessee State University professor filed a police report Tuesday morning after finding a flyer in the hallway outside his office that read, ‘it’s okay to be white.’

When we spoke to ETSU spokesperson Joe Smith Wednesday he revealed that similar flyers were discovered in other locations around campus.

“There were a couple of different flyers but some of the flyers that were brought to our attention did support the notion of white supremacy, and these were removed,” Smith said.

The ETSU professor who discovered one of those flyers near his door Tuesday morning was Dr. Daryl Carter.

“I looked at my bulletin board right across from my office, and somebody had placed a sign saying ‘it’s okay to be white,’ Dr. Carter said.

Dr. Daryl Carter said this was the flyer he found posted in the hallway outside his office Tuesday morning

Within minutes of discovering that sign, Dr. Carter said he filed a report with campus police.

“Has to be documented, these things are occurring, once you do that I think you can say what can we do constructively and positively as a community to bring people together,” Dr. Carter said.

Smith said after seeing those flyers, ETSU officials began to do research and found that papers similar to the ones they found, had been discovered on other campuses nationwide.

“Appears to be part of a coordinated campaign targeting higher education institutions here in the country,” Smith said.

Dr. Carter told us Wednesday afternoon that he felt targeted when he saw the flyer in the hallway outside his office.

“Whether it happened somewhere else, and I understand the administration has said that, but I felt targeted, you would have to know that this particular office belonged to an African American faculty member to put up a sign like that,” Dr. Carter said.

Smith said the university still has unanswered questions.

“In terms of who actually posted them, we have no information about that, the matter is still under review by ETSU,” Smith said.

In the wake of the flyers being posted aroun campus, ETSU President Dr. Noland released a statement.

You can read it below.

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