Raised dump truck bed knocks down traffic lights in Greeneville

Courtesy: Greeneville Police

GREENEVILLE, TN (WJHL)- Broken traffic lights and mangled wire is what was left behind Tuesday afternoon after a dump truck drove through Greeneville with it’s bed raised in the air.

Greeneville Police Administrative Captain Mike Crum said the calls started coming in around 7a.m.

“We started getting calls that a witness had actually watched a dump truck going down the road, had the bed up in the air,” Crum said.

Crum said the dump truck knocked down traffic lights at three different intersections along Andrew Johnson Highway near the Greeneville Commons shopping center.

Courtesy: Greeneville Police


“All of the lights at the intersection of East Andrew Johnson Highway and Justice Dr., took all of those out of commission and then went through the next intersection, took one light out, it’s still functional though we can operate there, and then at the next intersection took another light out and caused it to short out and blink and flash,” Crum said.

Police shared photos with us of that dump truck after it was pulled over, you could still see wires dragging along the side of the truck.

We asked Crum if the driver knew his bed was raised as he was driving.

“I have not talked to him, but I was told he didn’t know it was up,” Crum said.

While no injuries were reported, police showed us a picture of a car that was damaged in the process.

Courtesy: Greeneville Police

“We know of one car that has some damage with some wires that got entangled, or scraped it, and possibly one more but we have not heard from that vehicle yet,” Crum said.

Hours after the incident, crews were still on scene working to get all of the traffic lights back up and running.

“My public works director says he thinks it can be done within the day but its a lot to work on,” Crum said.

Officials with the Greeneville Police Department said the Tennessee Highway Patrol was handling the investigation.

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