Educator of the Week: Gerri St. Clair

Gerri St.Clair has been teaching Chemistry at Sullivan South for 24 years and 33 years when you add in part-time work while her children were young.

Her love and dedication to her students hasn’t wavered in those three decades.  She teaches honors and AP chemistry to sophomore, junior, and senior students.

St. Clair says the technology has changed during her teaching tenure, overhead projectors have now given way to computers and high tech probes and sensors. Chemistry is a constant and so are kids her classroom.

She says she takes pride in her work because the high achieving students in her classes will go onto be the next doctors, engineers and chemists.

“I treat every student as if they are my own child. I care deeply about them. I want them to always do their best. It’s a good way for me to live our my fair and my servant life.” Said St. Clair.

Congratulations to Gerri St.Clair. This week’s Educator of the Week.

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