Week 11 TV-11 Player of the week is Eastside’s RB Matthew Sexton

(COEBURN, VA)  Matthew Sexton picked up about 50 yards on his first 7 carries last Friday night and then he only carried the ball 4 more times that evening, but what he did left everyone in disbelief.

“Kind of came out of nowhere.”

“Mom was shocked, she almost started crying.”

Matthew’s final four carries totaling nearly 300 yards, finishing the game with a school record 357. Sexton also tied a school record with 5 rushing touchdowns. One of those rushes totaled 96 yards, a new school record for longest play from scrimmage.

“Go in at halftime and our stat guy was saying ‘hey, he’s got almost 300,’ and I kind of couldn’t believe it. and he said ‘lacks 27,’ so I was like okay we’re going to get him his 27 and he took it about 96.”

“I didn’t really know I was breaking records until the second quarter. coach was like ‘hey, you need 27 more yards to beat the record,’ so I was like ‘oh, I have to tell coach Hicks just to get 27 more yards to beat it,’ so I really didn’t have no clue.”

The good news for Eastside, Sexton is just a junior, meaning he has lots of opportunities next season to break his own record.

“Coach told me, ‘next year you’ve got to have 10 carries for 400 yards.’ I was like God coach, I don’t know if I can get that.”

“It’s always pretty special when you see any of your kids doing well. then just to have a big night like that, it’s pretty special, it really is.”

“Matt, on behalf of Watauga Orthopaedics and Champion Chevrolet congratulations on being selected as the Player of the week.”

So excited he even took Jerry for a couple extra yards. reporting at Eastside, Kane O’Neill, News Channel 11 sports.

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