Elizabethton QB Carter Everett named the TV 11 Sports player of the week

(ELIZABETHTON)  The Elizabethton football team has had some big names come through its program over the years, but on Friday, one player made sure he would be part of that discussion, etching his name into the record books.

“Big thrill to me. my family was pretty happy with that. I happy to see my grandpa pretty happy about it, I mean, it’s awesome.”

“I mentioned to him something, he came off the field, ‘you know, if you’re breaking records here one of those is possibly going to be mine.”

Carter Everett set a school record throwing for 431 yards, while connecting for 5 touchdowns in a 52-27 win over Sullivan South and Everett may have needed some ice post game, throwing nearly 50 passes that night.

“Felt like I threw the ball a lot, but I didn’t feel like I got too many yards. felt good though. give it all to my offensive lineman, I was back there all day.”

“You never expect to throw the ball as much as we did Friday night. it’s been different for us to have a big quarterback like Carter and sometimes you’ve got to take advantage of that.”

Carter’s 2016 season ended in heartbreak, suffering an injury in the Cyclones final regular season game and missing the team’s playoff run. but his offseason work has clearly paid off, even if he had to throw in a little more cardio than usual.

“Offseason, I had to workout a lot. I gained so much weight from my surgery. but I worked out a lot, coach’s been on me about it and just trying to do my job and that’s what i try to do.”

“Coming off a disappointing injury a year ago, he’s battled back. he’s had some toughness, he’s making some plays with his feet. just the toughness, the ability to come back and not be fragile. you know, to be able to take the ball and make a lot of plays with it.”

“Carter, on behalf of Watauga Orthopaedics and Champion Chevrolet congratulations on being selected as the player of the week.”

Reporting at Elizabethton, Kane O’Neill, News Channel 11 sports.”

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