Washington Co. school board chair: ‘There’s no called-meeting’ in regards to Sensabaugh’s reinstatement

WASHINGTON COUNTY, TN (WJHL)- Wednesday afternoon Gerald Sensabaugh addressed a crowd who gathered in Jonesborough in support of his return to David Crockett High School.

It was the second day in a row people gathered at central office in Jonesborough to express their support for the former NFL player, who was in his first season at head football coach at David Crockett High School.

Tuesday morning, Sensabaugh said he was put on administrative leave indefinitely.

Just one day later, as Sensabaugh was speaking to supporters, he made a comment that alluded to the possibility that his status could soon change.

“The good thing is I think I’m really pretty close to getting reinstated, it’s just a couple of little things that have to happen real quick and I think it’s going to happen,” Sensabaugh said.

Sensabaugh also addressed the possibility of reinstatement during our live 6p.m. broadcast.

“Right now I have the vote of the school board to be reinstated and the only snag is, we are waiting the chairman of the school board Jack Leonard to call the meeting, then once they vote I could be immediately reinstated,” Sensabaugh said.

We called board chairman Jack Leonard to ask if there was a meeting planned to discuss Sensabaugh’s reinstatement.

“There is no called meeting concerning him, those were inaccurate facts that he stated, so that’s the only reason that I’m calling…he did call me and I told him that he would have to speak with our lawyer,” Leonard said.

“They never got my side of the story, and today I was able to explain my side of the story to board members and really show them the proof,” Sensabaugh said.

We reached out to other board members over the phone.

David Hammond met with us, saying he had not talked to Sensabaugh about the issue Wednesday.

“I have not talked to him at all, I have no knowledge of any board members meeting with him,” Hammond said.

We also asked Hammond if there is a possibility that Sensabaugh could be reinstated.

“I could not comment on that at this time, because I understand there is an outside investigation going on, and we would want all the facts looked at and reported before we could ever make that decision,”Hammond said.

Before the rally in support of Sensabaugh, we found there were some players practicing for Friday night’s game against Tennessee High with interim head coach Brandon Qualls.

“The kids got put in a bad deal, and the kids should be number one, and we are just going to try to help them with that by focusing on football, and getting their mind off other things,” Qualls said.

Qualls also told us they are looking forward to the game Friday night, hoping the community comes together to support the players.

“We’re looking forward to a good atmosphere, to people coming to support the kids, support the kids, that’s what this is about, just support the kids, be here for the kids, root for them, cheer for them, because they are still here, they are still fighting for Crockett,” Qualls said.

Sensabaugh and David Crockett High School’s athletic director, Josh Kite, remain on suspension while the director of schools said a law firm is investigating the case.

This is a developing story. Click here to see our previous reports on the story.

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