Trump, Corker exchange unpleasant tweets

(Source: CNN)

(WJHL) – President Donald Trump lashed out at Senator Bob Corker on Twitter Sunday morning, making a variety of claims against the senator that a source close to the situation says are false.

The attack came nearly two weeks after the Corker announced he would not seek re-election in 2018.

In a series of tweets, Trump claimed the senator from Tennessee “begged” him for his endorsement for re-election next year, even suggesting that Corker decided to retire because Trump refused to endorse him.

The president also said Corker was to blame for the “horrendous Iran Deal”.

Trump further tweeted that Corker would be a “negative voice” and would “stand in the way” of his agenda.

Finally, he stated the senator “didn’t have the guts to run” for re-election.

But the president’s seemingly unprovoked attack did not go without response from Corker. The senator fired back, calling the White House an “adult daycare center” where “someone obviously missed their shift this morning”.

Trump went on to post yet another tweet Sunday afternoon:

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A source familiar with the issue says all of the claims made in the president’s tweets are false. They say the president called the senator early last week and asked him to reconsider his decision to retire and reaffirmed that he would have endorsed him if he did decide to run, as he has said many times.

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