Limestone zoo ends sale of giraffe after backlash

LIMESTONE, TN (WJHL) – A local zoo has ended the sale of one of its animals after receiving backlash from an animal rights group.

Brights Zoo, which is located in Limestone, had planned to a young male giraffe named Alf to a facility in Texas.

Courtesy: Brights Zoo

PETA reached out to News Channel 11 saying it urged the zoo not to ship Alf to the facility.

Brights Zoo posted on Facebook, saying in part: “due to a heavy volume of animal rights activist Brights Zoo and Wildlife Partners has agreed to end the sale of Alf.”

The zoo said it felt confident Alf would have been in great hands at Wildlife Partners in Texas.

Now, Brights Zoo says it will break ground on a new giraffe barn.

It said “Wildlife Partners has agreed to sell us a female giraffe not related to Alf in the next two years. This will be a huge expense for the zoo, but we have been left with little to no choice in this matter.”

The zoo is now trying to raise money to build the new facility.

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