Happy Valley Quarterback Brayden Sams is the Week 6 Player of the Week

CARTER CO. —  Friday night’s game on Warrior hill was expected to be a shoot out, but Brayden Sams and the Warriors ran wild, turning the shootout into a blowout.

“I look at the scoreboard and we’re up 43-0, I was like wow. I mean, Cloudland’s a great team, but i feel like that’s one of the best games we’ve played all year.”

Sams tore up the turf, rushing for 159 yards and 3 touchdowns and he wasn’t afraid to use his arm as well, throwing for 151 yards and a touchdown, not bad for someone who played wide receiver last season.

“Had 159 yards last Friday. honestly, i don’t even expect myself to throw that much. but it was the learning curve that I had to go through to learn that, ‘hey, you’re not a receiver anymore, you’re now the field general. you’ve got to take leadership of this team.’ and over the summer and just summer workouts, we kept working and working and I kept on throwing and throwing.”

“He loves the wide receiver position but he’s kind of fallen right into the role of the quarterback position and he’s hit the ground running.”

Sams has helped lead the Warriors to a 5-0 record and though the team is confident, they have tried to keep their heads down and focused because one slip and they know they could suffer their first.

“We just kind of lay low and stay off of social media and just let everybody talk. but when it comes to Friday nights we just play our game and we do what we do. we’ve just got to stay humble and be within ourselves, not get over our heads because once we get over our heads, that’s when we can get beat.”

“Think they’re playing with a lot of confidence, but they’re not cocky. That’s a credit to guys like Brayden and our other seniors, making sure everybody’s not content and not getting the big head and we just try to come out and improve every day.”

“Brayden, on behalf of Watauga Orthopaedics and Champion Chevrolet congratulations on being selected as the Player of the Week.”

Reporting at Happy Valley, Kane O’Neill, News Channel 11 sports.”

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