Harwell visits Kingsport, discusses medical marijuana committee

KINGSPORT, TN (WJHL)- A Republican candidate for Tennessee governor said she thinks medical marijuana has a place in Tennessee as long as it’s heavily regulated and supervised. 

House Speaker Beth Harwell visited the Chamber of Commerce in Kingsport Thursday, the same day the medical marijuana committee met for the first time in Nashville. 

“We’re not talking about recreational at all, I’m not for that. I’m not even for smoking marijuana, that causes cancer,” Harwell said. “I’m for oils and edibles and something that can help a lot of people who are suffering from chronic pain.” 

Harwell and Lt. Gov. Randy McNally ordered the formation of the medical marijuana committee to study the use of medical marijuana. 

The group of law makers met in Nashville Thursday to discuss the impact medical marijuana could have in Tennessee. This meeting was the first of many where lawmakers will hear from doctors, medical professional and experts on the topic. 

Earlier this year, Harwell said her sister used medical marijuana to treat a back injury instead of Opioids, which made her reconsider her stance on medical marijuana in Tennessee. 

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