Tri-Cities Airport: Please arrive early; Additional screening procedures to begin next month

FILE/ Tri-Cities Regional Airport

BLOUNTVILLE, TN (WJHL) – Tri-Cities Airport wants to encourage passengers to arrive early to avoid missing a flight.

Beginning in October, TRI says it will implement additional screening procedures that will require more time.

“Two items to note for all passengers are the modified version of TSA PreCheck and additional screening procedures which will be implemented soon. TSA PreCheck at TRI is a modified version of the full TSA PreCheck program implemented at larger airports,” said TRI in a release. “Passengers who have TSA PreCheck only need to remove laptops and liquids from their carry-on bags, unless other items alarm. At which point they will need to remove those items and be re-screened”.

TRI says it wants to remind passengers to arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes to two hours early. It says it gives passengers time to park the car, walk into the terminal, get through security and arrive at the gate in time for boarding– ultimately ensuring an on-time departure.

on Allegiant, American, and Delta. For more information about Tri-Cities Airport, visit

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