SHHS students, Johnson City schools donate more than 500 sippy cups to Niswonger Children’s Hospital

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Niswonger Children’s Hospital received a special gift Thursday morning from some Johnson City high school students.

Students in Science Hill High School’s athletic department decided that they needed to do something to be civically active in the community, so they decided that they would collect sippy cups and donate them to the children’s hospital.

“It is just something that our athletic director thought of and just thought that we could fundraise for the children’s hospital and give some donations to them. The community really supported us and they brought in sippy cups and really helped us out,” SHHS senior Gavin Ledford said.

“Believe it or not, a lot of times we have parents who have unexpected visits to the hospital and these are items that when your child is really sick and in that condition, you just kind of up and leave to seek medical treatment,” NCH Child Life Specialist Amanda Ward said. “So these are the types of items that parents leave home and we want to be able to provide them with those types of things here at Niswonger.”

Collection boxes with signs on them were placed in every school in Johnson City and in about two weeks, more than 500 sippy cups were collected.

On Thursday morning, a group of Science Hill seniors along with their athletic director presented the boxes full of cups to the hospital.

“Sippy cups are actually a comfort item from home and when kiddoes don’t have their sippy cups or blankets or teddy bears, that’s something that we can provide to them thanks to our generous donation from Science Hill,” Ward said.

Ledford added, “We wanted to help as many kids as we could and it was just something small and it ended up turning out to be a really big thing.”

School officials hope that this is the start of a new tradition at Science Hill.

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