Judge Kurt Pomrenke found guilty of contempt

ABINGDON, VA (WJHL) – Local Judge Kurt Pomrenke has been found guilty of contempt.

Stacey and Judge Kurt Pomrenke

It took the judge about a half hour to come up with his decision. According to our news team, Judge Pomrenke stared straight at him as he announced his guilty verdict.

The defense said this afternoon that Judge Pomrenke was duty-bound to respond to judicial misconduct complaint but the prosecution said the judge’s order was crystal clear.

Last month, Judge Pomrenke told a commission investigating his case of judicial misconduct that he was “dead wrong” when he reached out to two potential witnesses ahead of his wife’s corruption trial.

A transcript of his appearance before the Judicial Inquiry and Review Commission in June reveals the judge said he was acting like a husband who felt helpless at the time and never thought about the rules that govern judges.

Judge Kurt Pomrenke will be sentenced at a later date and could face a fine or prison time.

Judge Pomrenke is the tenth person who has pleaded guilty or has been convicted in connection with the federal BVU investigation.

Our investigative reporter, Nate Morabito is in the courtroom, we’ll post more details as soon as it becomes available.


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