Texas pastor reacts to Harvey donations from the Tri-Cities; “It kept them alive”

NEDERLAND, TEXAS (WJHL) – As donations pour into Texas following Hurricane Harvey, we found out just how much water collections from the Tri-Cities meant for Texans.

A Sullivan East High School parent started collecting bottled water after seeing the devastation. Soon, other schools, businesses, and community members joined in.

We skyped with Pastor Jason Burden of First Baptist Church in Nederland, TX where the water donations were distributed.

“It’s because of the good folks in Tennessee that a lot of our people have fresh drinking water, Beaumont, a city of 118,000 people they had their entire water supply gone of the flooding, the flooding flooded the pump stations that deliver fresh water to the entire city everything was shut down for days. Tour water helped restore them to a little bit of normalcy, it kept them alive for a few days,” Burden said.

The church has also become a feeding station serving 20,000 meals a day to various towns impacted by Harvey.

Jeremy Grant of Southwest Stainless helped coordinate the efforts with Josh Ringley of Bristol Metals.

Sullivan East High School is also working with other area schools Virginia High and Carter County Schools to get more donations down to Texas. They’re partnering with Bristol Metals and Pittman Trucking for the efforts.

You can drop off bottles of water at any county school between 8 in the morning and 5:30 in the afternoon. The drive runs through September 11th.

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