Johnson City water services to perform smoke test beginning Friday

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – If you live, work or go to school in Johnson City and you see puffs of white smoke coming out a manhole. Don’t be alarmed. Johnson City water crews would like to alert the public to an upcoming test that will continue through the end of October.

A smoke test will be performed in various parts of the city beginning on Friday, September 8. The city says it’s all part of the Water and Sewer Sevices Department’s maintenance program.

Crews will start smoke testing of sanitary sewer lines in the Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant collection system on Friday, September 8.  The city says smoke testing helps them determine areas where, during rain events, extra water can enter the system.

Crews will begin near Old Gray Station Road near Norwood, Tangency, and Kennesaw Ridge Subdivision and will continue in the areas of:

  •  Gray’s Pointe
  • Cedar Rock Village Subdivision
  • Boone Ridge Townhomes
  • Peppertree Place Subdivision
  • Pepper Ridge Condominiums
  • Settlers Way
  • Wiltshire Drive and Brittany Drive
  • Kingsport Highway from Lexington Court to Lynwood Drive
  • Oak Grove Road
  • Sheri Street, Shannon View Road, and Russell Drive
  • Buttermilk Road and Lake Drive
  • Windyhill Drive
  • Cindy Anne Drive
  • Kate Street, Geraldine Street and Angeline Drive
  • Glen Ayre Drive and adjacent streets
  • Old Gray Station Road from Greyland Drive to Frog Level Road
  • Glen Oaks and The Oaks Subdivision
  • Clearview Street and adjacent streets
  • Old Stage Road from Old Gray Station Road to Briarwood Drive
  • Barton’s Creek Subdivision
  • Cora Lane
  • Heritage Hills Subdivision
  • Rockingham Meadows Subdivision
  • Lake Harbor Estates
  • Gabriel’s Crossing Condominiums
  • The Reserve at Chapel Cove Condominiums
  • Williams Landing Subdivision
  • Daniel Boone Subdivision
  • Kingston Hills Subdivision
  • Pickens Bridge Road from North Roan Street to Boone Avenue
  • Brightridge Road, Greenbriar Lane, and Roseview Drive
  • Boone Avenue and Joe Hale Drive

More details about the test from the city:

During the test, City crews will send white smoke designed for this type of testing into the sanitary sewer system by blowing it into a manhole. It is then forced out through lines and cracks, openings, or plumbing vents on or near roof tops. The smoke is safe, odorless, non-toxic and non-staining.

Testing can provide a service to homeowners. If home plumbing systems are correctly installed and well-vented with working water traps, smoke should not enter the home. If smoke enters your home, there are deficiencies in your plumbing system. Please call 461-1646 for more information.

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