Cherokee Elementary School students collecting socks for Harvey victims

JOHNSON CITY, TN (WJHL) – Water, cleaning supplies, money are currently some of the top things being donated for victims of Hurricane Harvey, but one local school has decided to gather up an item of clothing that everyone can use — socks.

Cherokee Elementary School Principal Mary Nell McIntyre came up with the idea to collect new pairs of socks for hurricane victims that would also get her students involved.

“I felt like that would give the students a real tangible connection to the victims and help them understand the crisis a little bit better,” McIntyre said. “We said we were going to call it “Sock it to Harvey,” and so we got some bins, we sent fliers and the kids have just really gotten around it. They’ve done a great job. Every day there are kids bringing in different packages of socks and they are so excited about it.”

They started out by filling two trash cans, so they had to upgrade to a large watermelon bin that the school received from a local grocery store. The campaign has also gotten the students interested in following the progress after the storm and asking a lot of questions.

McIntyre said, “A lot of the kids have asked me questions, ‘Where is this in Texas?’ Or they have said ‘my grandmother used to live there,’ or ‘I know somebody that lives in Texas.’ So I think it has made a good connection for them to be able to understand it a little bit better.”

One Cherokee student has really gotten into the sock collection campaign

First grader Magretha Peters has decided that she wants to collect as many pairs of socks as she can. She has been around her neighborhood handing out home made fliers and has also been to several stores in Johnson City to try to collect socks.

“We went to our neighborhood, Target, Walmart, both of the Walmart’s,” Peters said. “We’re actually, I think, going to Kingsport on the weekend to get some socks.”

“I found out this morning that one of our first graders has really taken this campaign to heart. She decided, ‘I just want to collect as many as I can.’ Her goal is 10,000 pairs, and, as of this morning, she has already collected 3,500 pairs,” McIntyre said.

Cherokee Elementary received $100,000 from Target and The Ellen Show two years ago and they will use part of that money to buy additional socks and cover any transportation costs involved.

The “Sock it to Harney” campaign will continue through the middle of next week. Those wishing to donate socks can drop them off at the office of Cherokee Elementary School.

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